Sauenhaltung und Ferkelaufzucht Glöthe

The company: Glöthe Sauenhaltung was built in 2015/2016, and owned by Ronnie Braks and Heinz Derksen in cooperation with the Wohler family. With place for 1680 sows and was finish in March 2016. The piglets stable with a capacity of 6,600 piglets places, will be built in the end of 2016, until this time the piglets are temporarily housed in rent stables thill they reach 25kg.

The daily activities are coordinated by Konstanze Sembrau-Wohler. The daily work is carried out with four colleagues. The overall management is done by Matthijs Sanders.

In both the sow barn and future piglet stole the animals are fed through a dry feed system, the animals are given complete feed.

The Topigs 70 gilts are purchased at the age of 200 days. The Topigs 70 sows are crossed with Norwegian Duroc boar.


Number of sows: 1680
Piglets: 1000 each week
Genetic: Topigs 70 * Norwegian Duroc
Feeding system
Sows: Dry feeding
Piglets: Dry feeding
Health Vaccin Z Vaccin B Status
PRRS - - Not suspicious
Circo Yes Yes Vaccin
APP - - Not suspicious
Mycoplasma Yes Yes Vaccin
Glässer Yes - Vaccin
Deworming Yes No -

Blood results are available on request.