Großmühlingen Schweinezucht und Ferkelproduktion GmbH

The company was founded in 2005 by Ronnie Braks and Heinz Derksen. A former Dairy farm has been completely converted to sow house, with a capacity of 2500 sows with accompanying piglet’s places where pigs were kept to 25kg live weight.

In the year 2010 the company expanded to a capacity of over 5000 sow places with accompanying piglet places where piglets can be kept up to 25kg live weight.

The sow farm is controlled by two managers Toin Smolders and Matthijs Sanders. Toin Smolders is mainly responsible for the stable management of the 5,000 sows. Matthijs Sanders is mainly responsible for all the issues surrounding the company, such as; technical assistance staff, food purchasing, sales piglets, manure, external contacts. The daily work is carried out with about 18 colleagues.

The sow stable is fed by a liquid feed system. The piglets stable is fed by means of a dry feed installation. The piglets are fed a complete diet.

The Topigs 70 breeding gilts are purchased. These sows are crossed with a Danish Duroc boar.


An der Öhlmuhle 1
39221 Bordeland

Number of sows: 5300
Piglets: 3300 each week
Genetic: Topigs 70 * Norwegian Duroc
Feeding system
Sows: Liquid feeding
Piglets: Dry feeding
Health Vaccin Z Vaccin B Status
PRRS Yes - Vaccin
Circo Yes Yes Vaccin
APP - - Not suspicious
Mycoplasma Yes Yes Vaccin
Glässer - - -
Deworming Yes No -

Blood results are available on request.