Liesveldhoeve B.V.

The company was purchased in 2007 located in Groot Ammers. The piglets are mainly produced for the German market. The company has in 1300 sows and 3500 piglets place at the main location, and 3,000 piglets at another location. The manager Teus Bassa and is responsible for the daily operations at both locations.

The sows and the piglets are fed by liquid feed system. In addition, use is made of by-products. The dry products are crushed by a hammer mill, after which the liquid feeding system makes a ransom for the various animal groups. The sows are purchased at the age of 5 months.


Achterland 36
2964LA Groot-Ammers

Number of sows: 1300
Piglets: 750 per week
Genetic: Danbred * PIC 408 (Pietrain)
Feeding system
Sows: Liquid feeding
Piglets: Liquid feeding
Health Vaccin Z Vaccin B Status
PRRS Yes Yes Vaccin
Circo Yes Yes Vaccin
APP Yes No -
Mycoplasma Yes Yes Vaccin
Deworming Yes No -

Blood results are available on request.