The company Peel Pigs was built in 2015 by Robin Braks. They started producing piglets in December 2015. It is a new sow stable with a maternity ward (299 farrowing places) and one pregnant sows division with integrated insemination places (1120 sows and 127 insemination places). The piglets stable is from 2010 and consists of 18 sections of 400 piglets.

Daily operations and overall management is managed by Robin Braks. The daily work is carried out by Robin along with four employees.

In both the sow stable and the piglets stable the animals are fed through a dry feed system, the animals are given complete feed.

The Topigs 20 sows are crossed with Danish Duroc boar


Voorpeel 5
5409TX Odiliapeel

Number of sows: 1500
Piglets: 900 each week
Genetic: Topigs 20 * Danish Duroc
Feeding system
Sows: Dry feeding
Piglets: Dry feeding
Health Vaccin Z Vaccin B Status
PRRS Yes No Vaccin
Circo Yes Yes Vaccin
APP No No -
Mycoplasma No Yes Vaccin
Deworming No No -

Blood results are available on request.