Polder B.V.

In 2006 the company Polder B.V. in Zevenbergsche hoek was bought, then they expanded in the number of piglets places. There is also a separate quarantine stable built for the gilts. These are purchased at the age of 10 weeks. Jarco Budde Dijk is responsible for the daily operations.

We work with by products and dry materials. The company has its own hammer mill for raw materials to the required quallity. Then made the required recipe for the different groups of animals by the liquid feed system.


Number of sows: 1750
Piglets: 950 per week
Genetic: Danbred * Noorse Duroc
Feeding system
Sows: Liquid feeding
Piglets: Liquid feeding
Health Vaccin Z Vaccin B Status
PRRS Yes Yes Vaccin
Circo Yes Yes Vaccin
APP Yes - -
Mycoplasma Yes Yes Vaccin
Deworming Yes - -

Blood results are available on request.