BRA-DER Mastschweinebetreib GmbH, Schönerlinde

The fattener company Schönerlinde, has about 6000 fatteners, was purchased in 2006 by Ronnie Braks and Heinz Derksen. The piglets are taken from the breeding; Schwein Zucht und Ferkelproduktion Großmühlingen.

The daily activities are coordinated by Tomec Serafin. The daily work is carried out by two people. The overall management is done by Matthijs Sanders.

The animals are fed with a liquid feeding system.

The pigs are sold within Germany.


Number of finishers: 5500
Finishers: 300 each week
Genetic: Topigs 70 * Danish Duroc
Feeding system
Finishers: Liquid feeding
Health Vaccin Vlv Vaccin B Status
PRRS - - Not suspicious
Circo Yes - Vaccin
APP - - Not suspicious
Mycoplasma Yes - Vaccin
Deworming Yes - -

Blood results are available on request.